AC Blankets & Quilts

High End AC Blankets & Quilts

  • We introduce high end AC blankets & quilts based on quality and modern trends.
  • Be it level of GSM or level of warmth and comfort, we have something for each of you.
  • We offer low GSM to high GSM as per customers’ demands and requirements.
  • We serve our customers with quilts manufactured with high quality Polly fill, organic material, wool and silk too since we care each of you.
  • We have a wide range of highly light AC blankets and we offer these AC blankets on wholesaler orders at most reasonable price.
  • We promise you to own best of mink blankets on wholesale orders in Delhi only from Bellagio.
  • We welcome you to come to our wholesale blankets & quilts store and website for your DREAM SHOPPING that brings you quality along with profit.
  • We assure you not to own such high end AC Blankets & Quilts at such reasonable price in entire blanket wholesale market in Delhi.
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